From 1931 to his death in 1966, Komenda was chief engineer and leader of the Porsche car-body construction department.


Komenda developed the car-body construction of the


  • VW Beetle, the most built car-body of the last century.He designed, with his co-worker Josef Mickl, the famous
  • Auto Union Grand Prix car and the
  • Cisitalia Grand Prix car and
  • Cisitalia Porsche 370 - the planes from Komenda are delivered 1947 directly to Pinin Farin.


In November 1946 Komenda signed ideas for the first Porsche sports car. He developed the

  • Porsche 356 and variations including the 356 Porsche speedster
  • Porsche 550 Spyder
  • Porsche 901
  • Porsche 911


As a top Porsche engineering executive, Komenda guided the Stuttgart firm into its next generation, supervising body fabrication for the Porsche Type 901, which ultimately became the Porsche 911 and supplanted the 356.


One of his final projects was the development of the light-weight fibreglass car body of Porsche 904 sports racer. The car body was mounted to a box frame for a semi-monocoque structure.


The final years of Komenda’s life were marked by conflicts with members of the Porsche family within the company over the development of the Porsche 911.


Komenda was an active worker up to his early death on Aug. 22nd, 1966 from lung cancer. His life's work ended with the development of the great Porsche 911.