PORSCHE INNOVATION - 132 Porsche Patents

Erwin Komenda filed 132 Porsche patents, including the basic shape of the Volkswagen Beetle, KdF Schwimmagen, Porsche 356 and other Porsche sport and racing cars. In world war II Komenda developed and patented the concept of a wood gas generator, an alternative drive system.



One of Komenda's first and last projects concern developments of light-weight vehicle body construction of synthetic material. 1962 Komenda reconsidered his patent "Laminated body" from year 1939 and invented a fiberglass body construction, announced for patent under the name "Vehicle Body of metal reinforced synthetic resin". With this innovation Porsche started in winter 1962 a new project - Porsche 904. The 904 was the first Porsche to use a ladder chassis and fibreglass body, appearing more like specialist racing cars than the modified sports cars typical at the time. The fibreglass body was bonded to its steel chassis for extra rigidity.
















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