I loved the person Komenda. I and my family will always remember and honor him

Dear H e r r  K o m e n d a!

We must take leave of you in that hour - what fills us with deep sadness. An insidious disease has dismissed our dear Mr. Komenda for his family and for us too early from the earthly life, which for him was full duty ¬ fulfillment and eminent work.

Since 1931, he was my father and after his death one of my first and closest associates and we could always count on his labor and his pendant sensitivity reduction on our home.

He was one of our core team and has always kept us in good times and in bad faithfulness.


As our chief engineer in car body development department, I just want mention the most striking developments, to which his creative spirit was authoritative responsible:

The Auto Union racing cars

The VW chassis

The construction of war vehicles

The CIS Italia racing cars and

Porsche car, which was developed in Gmünd in Carinthia - Porsche Type 356

This includes the development of many variants of the sporting versions of the Porsche cars.


His creative power is understood by his tenacious will go through with the difficult tasks, together with its employees and successfully close projects.

We often disagreed in solving many engineering problems, but I've always tolerated his attitude and we knew that he was a fanatic in pursuit of its technical plans he has fought with great tenacity often.


I stayed not only his great knowledge and experience in the design and manufacturing areas in the automotive industry, but I loved the person Komenda, who has won over the years in our home by his fair character, by his modesty and by the great understanding his employees.


He never spoke of his own achievements and success he had to have inside the satisfaction of his task, and he went on to the next.

Even in its negotiations with our partners in the supply industry, he found all the right notes and we knew how to realize his many ideas and suggestions.

There is no doubt that our Herr Komenda professionally and personally everywhere had a very good name.


He will stay for all of us unforgettable.

So still deliberate and purposeful as he was in

his nature, he was also dying.


During my visit to the hospital, he was breathing heavily, fully aware that there was no salvation for him. 

There was no action and no hint about his impending end of his dry lips.

He went his way to the bitter end.


Now I can not press the hands of  

o u r   K o m e n d a

- I can tell you my sincere thanks for h i m  in in front of you - thanks for his

loyalty and devotion and for his successful



I and my family will always remember and honor him.



Ferry Porsche's funeral oration for Erwin Komenda, 1966